How Results Are Calculated
Drifting is an 'extreme' sport. Unlike other types of motor sport it is not just about who is fastest or who crosses the line first. Drifting is a judged sport - similar to surfing, freestyle BMX or motocross, snow-boarding or skateboarding. A drift competition consists of a series of elimination rounds in which two drivers at a time slide their cars sideways, side-by-side through a short course of just 3 or 4 corners. A tandem 'drift battle' consists of two runs with each car taking a turn to lead. A panel of judges assesses the relative car control demonstrated by each driver by awarding points for criteria such as speed, angle, and line, ability to emulate the other driver, proximity between the cars, etc. and choose a winner who progresses to the next round of eliminations. Tas Drift competitions start with a round of 16, which then becomes a round of 8, then 4, and 2 to determine the ultimate winner. In addition to the Top 16, we have introduced a 'Best of the Rest' competition, where the 17th - 24th qualifiers will go into their own top 8 battle tree and battle against each other for series points. To see how the points are calculated by the judges and series points are accumulated click here.
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